What to Expect From a Free Ad Fraud Protection Trial?

What to Expect From a Free Trial
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Perhaps you know that mobile ad fraud is a problem. Perhaps you think it doesn’t affect your ad campaigns (like 3/5 marketers surveyed, that say that their campaigns haven’t or probably haven’t been affected). If you’re currently toying with the idea of a free ad fraud protection trial, and are not sure if it is worth the time-investment, let us outline the key benefits of a free trial. Trust us, the cost-benefit ratio is weighted towards the benefit side.  

A Human

Interceptd’s ad fraud solution is not only a SaaS. During the free trial (and after) you will have access to your own personal consultant, who will assist any needs such as:

  • Customisation: a consultant will suggest how to optimize your ad fraud protection to your app or mobile ad campaign requirements, including adjusting any of the 17 customizable alarms and protocols to detect and block ad fraud. 
  • Consultant: they are available to answer any of the ad fraud industry questions, or Interceptd Ad Fraud solution dash-board queries. 


Often new software, Saas and other tech products require integration. Not to worry, ours is already integrated with MMPs. Smooth, easy, streamlined. 

Real-Time Fraud Detection

During your free-trial you’ll get to see the real-time fraud detection and prevention capabilities of Interceptd. This is actually our differentiating feature, a powerful ad fraud blocking feature that is unique in the market. The majority of other ad fraud tools do not offer real-time ad fraud protection, often offering only offline protection. 

It’s a Data-ful World!

All the ones and zeros, zeros and ones! Graphs galore and more charts than you can poke a stick at! You’ll have access to a plethora of information, giving you insights into such things as:

  • Percentage of fraudulent traffic and clean traffic
  • What type of fraud is present.
  • Customer journey (from first ad-click to in-app)
  • Ad network and sub-publisher performance and ad fraud results. 
  • How many installs and events were flagged, rejected or clean. 

Increase Your ROAS

Additionally, with our access to your campaign data, we have in-built some non-fraud tools to assist with mobile ad campaign optimization, such as:

  • Ability to see each sub-publisher’s individual performance and block any sub-publisher (e.g. you can block low-performing sub-publishers).
  • Customer journey funnels, showing the flow of traffic to and from ad networks, app stores, and sub-publishers. 

The Final Word

This is not a quick and easy solution. Although our UI, personal consultant, and 17 customizable alarms are all designed to give the simplest customer experience, protecting one’s campaigns against ad fraud does take time, and like a fine wine, ages well as time passes. We give a solid month free-trial to fully allow the customer to immerse themselves in the new world of ad-fraud and see the difference between Interceptd’s unique and efficient ad fraud solutions. 

Sounds good? If you’d like to give it a whirl and book a free consultation with one of our friendly and helpful humans, click here!


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