Valentine’s Day Mobile Marketing Tips

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant holidays after Black Friday and Christmas. According to Statista, Valentine’s Day sales in the U.S. reached approximately $27.4 billion in 2020, with a 6.7 billion dollar increase. It is a fantastic time to attract new users, engage an existing audience, and increase ROI.


In this article, we will give tips for increasing Valentine’s Day mobile marketing.


–      Boost User Engagement

A significant amount of people use their smartphones to purchase gifts, and they research products, prices, discounts, and coupons. Also, Valentine’s Day can be used to increase engagement with an existing audience. Therefore, marketers need to think about creatively engaging their customers to boost user engagement and increase sales accordingly. Moreover, buying seasons like Valentine’s Day can bring long-term rewards to your business.


–      Define Target Audience

Valentine’s Day campaigns don’t have to be just for couples. Single people can make purchases for themselves; they can enjoy using this occasion to buy gifts for family, friends, and pets. According to National Retail Federation, customers were expected to spend $1.7 billion on gifts for their pets in 2020 for Valentine’s Day.


–      Target Last-Minute Shoppers

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is frequently forgotten until the last minute. According to Think with Google, user behavior is divided into two categories: While “Gifts for Boyfriends” occurs in the first week of January, “Gifts for girlfriends” remains flat until February. You need to target last-minute shoppers by offering deals on fast shipping options and other deals to attract last-minute buyers.


–      Email Personalization with AI

How can you turn the heat up? With creative content and recommendation using AI on email marketing! It is valuable to know visitor behavior and past purchases with the right optimization and customize your message accordingly. You need to make your customer feel special on a sentimental occasion like Valentine’s Day. In order to understand your prospective customers and existing customers, you need to understand what your customer engaged with, what s/he previously opened, what s/he consumed over a specific time frame. Those insights enable highly-personalized emails.


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that you can boost your engagement. It is valuable for long-term rewards for your application and business. However, if your marketing activities are excused to fraudulent activity, you can miss that opportunity for your business. You can avoid this risk and benefit from your marketing activities with Interceptd’s mobile ad fraud detection and prevention solution. Contact us to learn how Interceptd can keep you safe from mobile ad fraud.


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