User Acquisition and Mobile Ad Fraud

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Mobile ad fraud is one of the biggest challenges that user acquisition managers often stumble upon when assessing the performance of advertising campaigns. According to inc., 26% of all mobile app install advertising is exposed to mobile ad fraud. In fact, mobile ad fraud is getting worse.

–      What is User Acquisition?

User acquisition is the process of gaining new users for an app, platform, or other services. There are several main types of user acquisition activity in both organic and paid ways. Generally, UA can be achieved by advertising, campaigns, and promotional offers on mobile.

–      Why is User Acquisition Important?

Without a valid user acquisition strategy, marketers will have difficulties finding and convert new users. User acquisition is all about data on trends and patterns and how they work to reach and convert users. With increasing competition, convincing users to install your app can be tough and also the essential component of your app’s success.

–      User Acquisition and Mobile Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a major problem for the mobile marketing ecosystem, with fraudsters trying to steal your marketing spend. UA managers must be aware of the ad fraud problem. They need to vigilant against ad fraud in mobile advertising with a clear view of expectations and how their company plans to fight against fraudulent activities. In another case, user acquisition managers can waste their time and effort to gain new users. 

In the worst scenario, user acquisition managers cannot even be aware of ad fraud, and fraud can go unnoticed. This unfortunate situation leads marketers to plan their user acquisition strategy on incorrect analysis by scaling up the best-performing channels because of ad fraud problems. It is important to be aware of ad fraud and how to ensure mobile fraud prevention. With Interceptd’s real-time fraud prevention, you can prevent your marketing budget from fraudulent activities and uplift your advertising ROI. Request a Demo now!

To sum up, mobile ad fraud is a challenge that should not be underestimated. Mobile ad fraud is not slowing down; in fact, It goes even worse. To better apply and analyze your user acquisition strategy, it is essential to use an ad fraud detection tool. You can visit here to learn more about Interceptd’s real-time fraud prevention.

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