Top 10 Best Marketing Attribution Software Solutions

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

These were the words of John Wanamaker – a renowned US merchant, believed to be the ‘marketing pioneer’ during the 1900s. 

Fast-forward 100 years, and we are pretty much facing the same challenges as far as marketing is concerned. Although in the modern digital age, we have access to a lot more data than we ever had in the past 100 years – it’s an undeniable fact that we still have countless vulnerabilities and loopholes as to how we should effectively use that data to achieve both, our short-term and long-term goals. 

Digital marketers today realize the fact that regardless of how strong the product is amongst its consumers or how high the advertisement budgets are if the digital inputs are wrong, the organization will likely end up making incorrect and inaccurate business decisions. This is precisely where attribution comes in. Whilst our readers are used to discussing ‘attribution’ from an MMP or attribution tool context, this is just one form of obtaining informational data. We’re looking at other providers of attributional data for this article. 

What is Attribution & Mobile Attribution?

In a marketing context, ‘attribution’ is defined as the identification of user actions that eventually contribute to a certain outcome. These actions or digital touchpoints are assigned specific values in order to be gauged in an organized manner.

Mobile attribution is the process of studying your user’s engagement with your app and what factors played a role in this process before a conversion occurred. In other words, mobile attribution is all about connecting two data points – for instance – attributing app installs to TV advertisements. In recent times, this has become one of the hottest topics in the digital arena. 

Importance of Mobile Attribution Platforms

According to a report, global mobile advertising is expected to reach $247.4 billion by the end of 2020. The right sort of software can tell you what mobile attribution problems your organization is dealing with – for instance, which digital platforms are successful and where your advertisement money is being wasted. For digital marketers to achieve success in today’s app marketing, they should be able to gauge and demonstrate the core factors that play a decisive role, such as:

  • External events that drive in-app user actions (ad-clicks, shares on social media, user reviews, etc.)
  • User Behavior (app downloads, app purchases, etc.)
  • Referring Source (ads, web URLs, etc.)

Even though digital marketers are aware of them all, many still do not pay much heed to mobile attribution solutions and the impact this software can have on a business. 


Top 10 Mobile Marketing Attribution Software

With over 7,000 mobile attribution software tools to choose from, it’s not a piece of cake for any digital marketer to get it right. Even after trying out a few top mobile attribution companies, there is still a chance that you might not get the desired results. To make your life somewhat easier, we conducted an overview. Here is our top 10 list for 2020:



LeanData is widely known to have the ability to connect the right digital touchpoints at the right time. With its market-leading Revenue Operations platform, it helps B2B companies to improve their performance and increase overall revenue.

With their effective Lead-to-Account Matching, Attribution and Routing solutions, this attribution software will aid your marketing and sales personnel to work more efficiently since they will be working on the appropriate potential leads and eventually generating more revenue.


Key Elements

LeanData can help your CRM by:

  • Matching – Connect potential leads to accounts 
  • Routing – Assign leads to the matched accounts
  • Insights – Visibility on matching and routing mechanisms
  • Attribution – Provide insights for marketers to work on

Click here for more details on LeanData.


Nielsen Marketing

Formerly known as Visual IQ, this company is known to be the leading marketing intelligence software provider. Using a single interface, you can have both people-based and tactical marketing insights in just a few clicks. Their attribution model ‘TrueAttribution,’ uses a multi-touch mechanism that tells you what is working and what is not. 

Key Elements:

This software offers:

  • Holistic Measurement Solutions
  • User-friendliness
  • Good software support

Visit their website here



The best part about this platform is that it was built by marketers for marketers. It posts all social media data to your CRM – making it a whole lot easier for digital marketers to formulate their campaigns since most social networks do not share their data with external platforms.

Key Elements:

  • A good option for social media marketing
  • Gives visibility on social media touchpoints

View more details by clicking here



If you are looking for a single-attribution platform, this can certainly be a good option. With over 100k clients onboard, CallRail offers simple and easy-to-use software that results in lead optimization.

Key Elements:

CallRail can help you by:

  • Tracking phone calls from advertisement channels (print, radio, TV, SEO, etc.)
  • Analyzing best conversion campaigns
  • Assisting Sales reps by providing them with previously recorded phone calls that have been successful

Click here to view the website.


Engagio ABM

This platform helps companies to better understand, act, and measure their actions based on accounts. The account-based marketing platform enables marketers to conduct account-centric programs.

Key Elements:

  • Account-based mechanism
  • Allows marketers to focus on account-based performance

Visit the website by clicking here.


Terminus ABM Platform

This is another account-based platform that gives you complete account insight so that you can come up with campaigns accordingly. It provides your sales team all the information they need to be able to capture the hottest leads even before they make an action on your platform.

Key Elements:

  • Provides account-based insights
  • Account Hub combines your first and third party data to give you a complete view of your accounts
  • Lets you prioritize your ABM strategies

Click here to visit the website.



This attribution software makes your life easier by automating most of the manual processes that your sales and marketing solutions might not. 

Key Elements:

  • Automates manual processes that increase productivity and efficiency
  • Lets marketers simplify all their solutions on a single platform for processes like enrichment, list loading, account scoring, etc.

View the website by clicking here.



This is one of the better choices for organizations that focus on leads that are not from social and web platforms. This attribution software can bring in data from channels such as mobile and offline marketing.

Key Elements:

  • Effective for those who want leads outside of social media and web platforms
  • Helps you combine online and offline platforms effectively

Click here to visit the website.



This attribution software goes by the name of ‘Attribution.’ It is one of the best multi-touch attribution software available today. You can get visibility on your visits, spends, conversions, etc. and it works with major ad platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. 

Key Elements:

  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Provides user-level and account-based attribution
  • Allows you to view ROAS by day, week or month

View the website by clicking here.



Every digital marketer is aware of the fact that the future of mobile marketing heavily relies on what mobile attribution software is being used for which pre-defined organizational goals. In order to go with the best solution, any marketer should keep the following elements in mind:

  • Critical Elements – Security, privacy, and software stability are important key factors
  • Data Accuracy – There should be no occurrences of over-attribution, mobile install attribution fraud and mobile app fraud

In addition to these elements, marketers should be very much clear about all the other factors, such as which model to choose – Last-click Attribution or Multi-Touch, what key features of an attribution software to look at, pricing factor, etc. 



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