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Do you run ad campaigns with influencers on Instagram, YouTube or Twitch to get some organic hype?

Influencers and micro-influencers are some of the most popular channels recently. Maybe you‘ve already shared links to your apps, games or products with Influencers. Normally, you’d expect to see an increase in organic traffic from the relevant audience or country and interestingly your traffic from other countries increased as well.

And, weirdly your conversion rates are decreasing.

What happened?

You’ve made a deal with an email marketing agency.

They have the perfect mailing list that matches your target persona 90% and are confident about the conversion rate from these emails. You agreed on the budget and shared your landing URLs for the emails. The email looks great and the subject line looks promising. They send out thousands of emails with your URL. You start to get great click-through rates day after day.

Interestingly, your new users are a fan of VPNs or proxies, and conversion rates are not like what you have before.

What happened?

You assign specific links for your affiliate partners.

They get you the leads and you pay their share in return. Everything looks fine and your user numbers are increasing as they should. But after a month you realize the LTV is decreasing.

Your product is the same, yet you don't get the conversion you are looking for.

What happened?

The truth is...

You are a victim of advertising fraud in one form or another. It’s hard to assess, prove and get your money back. Some portion of your marketing budget is now wasted on fraudulent clicks that appear to be real.

Meet Secure Clicks

There are a lot of “smart link” solutions that you can use, but why not ask for more?

For Secure Clicks being smart is not only about redirecting iOS users to iOS links but also having additional real-time analytics and reporting capability to provide protection shield through deep IP and device information analysis.

Thus, we proudly dare to say that, we have the smartest and the most secure link shield available.

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