Rewarded Video Ads Best Practices

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Rewarded video ads are an essential type of ad for both marketers and advertisers, and app users. Therefore, the problem of ad fraud is relatively high in this type of ad. Interceptd identifies frauds in such ads with various ad fraud detection tools and works to prevent mobile fraud. Let’s examine in detail the best practices in the Rewarded ad.

  • Ad Placement

When considering where to place your ads, consider user experiences. Especially mobile users do not want to watch a video ad while in the middle of a game in a game app. Your video ad should appear at a time and place where your users would be happy to interact with it rather than spoil the experience.

Rewarded video ads are determined based on whether they affect the user experience positively or negatively. To define your ads’ best placement in terms of user experience, consider what might be most important to mobile app users. For example, allowing the user to take advantage of your ads to reach a different level in the game positively affects them. It can be extremely beneficial to offer rewarded video ads to a user in exchange for game rights or in-game currency.

Developers and advertisers can place rewarded video ads in the app’s in-game store and home screen to increase visibility. Besides, users can be interacted with when a user acquires in-game items. For example, a user can enter 100 games during the game.

If he’s going to make money, he might be given the option to double his money by watching a rewarded video ad.

  • Prioritize UX

Rewarded video ads delight both advertisers and users. Thanks to this ad format, the quality of your user experience do not deteriorate. Rewarded video ads can make your users happy with your app. The success of these ads depends on the daily active user, user retention, and their interaction. Ad types that contribute positively to the user experience will give the desired results.

  • Give Unexpected Rewards to Users

Developers and marketers should also consider offering a variety of surprise rewards for rewarded video ads. After a user watches a video, they can view multiple treasure chests and choose one chest from them. These chests unlocked with valuable rewards can create tension for users and provide a satisfying experience. Even if a user wants a specific reward, they can watch a few different ads for that reward.

  • Use Advertising Filters

You can improve the user experience by determining your users’ interests and displaying ads according to these areas. Knowing who your users are and their interests allow you to filter ads. For example, let’s say you will enable a ticket app. Travel ads may be suitable for your target audience. Displaying ads tailored to users’ interests and filtering these ads shows that their time is respected.

  • Test Incentives

Another critical factor in ensuring the success of rewarded video ads is the reward offered. You can take various tests to find out the most suitable offer. You can choose the most appropriate award as a result of these tests. This test includes the type, amount, etc., of the reward. Should contain. It would help if you made sure that the tips you set match the ad placement as well. Once a user has exhausted their rights to the game, they are more likely to claim extra rights than buffs or tokens. Interceptd can provide appropriate rewarded ads for you by applying and analyzing these tests.


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