Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Interceptd delivers the widest selection of fraud alarms based on deterministic and probabilistic data analysis. We deliver superior features and benefits to counter mobile app-install fraudulent activity.


Boost ROAS by eliminating fraudulent traffic sources

Automated sub-publisher blacklisting based on fraud detection alarms; helps users to customize and optimize campaigns based on their performance KPIs by blocking sources based on conversion rates.


Set & customize block rules for each campaign

Interceptd allows each fraud type to continue being used as an alarm, or it can actively block publishers. 


Auto-notify supply partners with strong pieces of evidence

Publishers gain access to view campaign-level rejected installs and fraud reports. The Interceptd Revenue Report makes communicating campaign summaries with your supply partners easy.


Observe your ROAS & Savings with transparent reporting

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) calculation and estimated saving analytics dashboard.

You lose $1 out of every $3 to ad fraud.

Make your investment more efficient by ensuring you are getting real users. Schedule a free consultancy now and learn what Interceptd can do for you.

Our Case Studies

E-Commerce App | Case Study

We saved $600K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 9 months.

Discover how an e-commerce app maximized ROAS by eliminating fraud and increasing the quality and quantity of target users with Interceptd.

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Retail Coupon App | Case Study

We saved $130K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.

Find out how we helped a retail coupon app to explore the cause of a decrease in organic installs, and to optimize event conversions originating from inventory sources.

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Social Network App | Case Study

Saved $32K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.

Discover how a social networking app decreased event costs by initiating real-time blacklisting of click-spamming sources.

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