Powerful 6 Signals That Show You Have an Ad Fraud Problem

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Businesses usually dedicate significant funds for advertising. Sometimes, these ads work out, giving your business a great ROI. However, in some cases, no matter how much you spend on ads, you cannot get enough conversion rates. Your company might just be affected by ad fraud. There are some powerful signals that you are a victim of click fraud.

  • Spike in Clicks¬†

When you see an increase in click volume with little change in conversions or a spike in clicks from a keyword from one search engine but not from others. There might be repetitive clicks from the same IP address. Your clicks might be coming from out of your target consumers. These clicks can also be bots that may try to fool you by showing that you cannot make the right targets on your ad.

  • High Rate of Abandoned Shopping Carts

When you see an increase in abandoned shopping cart rates, you might be a victim of ad fraud. If you are seeing significant traffic, you may have a fraud issue, especially on the products that do not sell themselves. The bots are not capable of completing the purchase yet, even if they have the ability to download and fill-out forms.

  • Unusual Bounce Rates

Spikes with unusual bounce rates are cause for concern and further investigation for ad fraud. There should be accuracy in clicking and engagement.

  • Traffic without Engagement

Engagement is the key to ad campaigns. However, the ads that bring high traffic and low engagement can imply there might be some potential fraud. If your target audience seems to be reached and is viewing your campaigns yet no real conversions are developed, you may suspect ad fraud.

  • Sudden Changes or Unusual Trends

If your spending on ads staying constant but there are sudden changes or trends emerge in ad spend, you can suspect ad fraud. Ad frauds are evolving in time, and at times predictable spending is not performing or producing ROI, it should be monitored closely in all aspects.

  • Results Not Matching Data Point

The data should be constant. If the results of your ad campaign are not matching other data points, you may suspect ad fraud. It means that you should also worry about ad fraud when all channels and all your campaigns performing too well with no lead conversions.


Not all invalid, low-converting, or high-performing traffic is fraudulent. However, you can only truly detect ad fraud after implementing a verification solution that can detect fraud and makes a proactive approach. You can request a demo and you can look forward to a 15-minute conversion with one of our mobile ad fraud consultants.


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