October Product Updates

October Product Updates
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OCTOBER PRODUCT UPDATES: We are the leading ad fraud solutions provider in this growing $5.8 billion industry. As such, we are expanding too. Join our upward trajectory, marked by frequent product innovation and learn something along the way too.

New Event Analytics

October Product Updates

Who doesn’t love a good funnel? A staple of any good marketer’s diet, our version of the common funnel is used to track event analytics for both ad fraud detection and optimization purposes. Our funnels aim to show the acquired user’s journey from the first click in post-install in-app event (as determined by the customer). This will help to show the journey of ad fraud, along with understanding genuine users. This information can be used to both understand ad fraud, and therefore detect and prevent it, as well as understand the customer’s user base, and build more effective strategies around this information. If you’re wondering exactly what is ad fraud, you can read about it here.

Fresh New User Interface

October Product Updates

Everybody loves a wardrobe upgrade, a fresh coat of white paint, or a newly waxed sheen on your SUV, and here at Interceptd, we like our product’s dashboard to shine as well. So we have given it a user interface (UI) revamp, to highlight our tool’s functionality and usability. Ad fraud is often a new concept to some of our customers, so for those who do not know what is ad fraud, we have given our tool a seamless customer experience. They can now (more) easily navigate through our various functions such as creating campaigns, checking their daily performance metrics, or obtaining their secure clicks. 

App Ad Fraud Health Assessment Upgrade & Free Release

New Daily Performance View and Other Product Updates You’ll Love

What was once a feature of our paid dashboard (or accessible in our one-month free trial) has now been further developed and released free to the public. The main purpose of the app ad fraud health assessment is to help customers understand exactly what is ad fraud, and how their app is being affected by mobile ad fraud. The more accurately the survey is answered, the more specific and accurate one’s mobile ad fraud health insights will be. Users will have access to insights such as: 

  • Their specific category data, such as the percentage of fraudulent mobile ad traffic and clean traffic 
  • The different types of ad fraud
  • App’s fraud risk level
  • CPI average. 
  • Redirection average.

Keep your popcorn ready, as we have many exciting product updates to come. If you’d like to test out Interceptd yourself, you can start by booking a free trial with one of our friendly consultants.


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