Mobile Fraud Prevention Best Practices

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With just enough innovation and knowledge, creating a well-made app is possible but waiting for that app to be the next thing; that is quite impossible without advertising it nowadays. The insight here is that app creators lack the compassion they feel for their app when marketing it and this soft spot in the journey of the app, just as you think the app is reaching its customers, creates a susceptibility to Ad Fraud.


Best Practices to Prevent Ad Fraud

Year by year, the Ad Fraud trends continue to evolve and change their ways to be the silent killer of ad budgets. To portray this grim reality, some statistics and events throughout recent years regarding Ad Fraud are summarized up here. Below, we explained the workings and utilization of fraud prevention tools you will be referring to during your ad campaign.


MMPs: Your Attribution Tools Solutions

MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) is the provider of attribution data chosen by your advertiser. General user events are provided in these tools and from a security standpoint, it is quite easy to hide the footprints of Ad Fraud.

To see if you are victimized by Ad Fraud and want a solution for Ad Fraud yourself, you need to start off by checking out the attribution tools provided by your advertiser; from there comes the basic data which has limited information about the app’s attribution with some other key points in the journey of your app from the hands of the advertiser to the attribution goal. This helps the detection of basic forms of Ad Fraud but unfortunately, nothing more. Another thing to add here is that this action is manual and some meticulous data survey is needed in order to detect if there is an Ad Fraud going on.


Offline Mobile Ad Fraud Detection Tools

In order for you to look deeper into statistics, offline Ad Fraud detection tools or Ad Fraud detection software come into play. These tools get the data we mentioned before and take it under a microscope. With a higher chance of Ad Fraud detection, these types of software can help you with more complex forms of Ad Fraud such as click fraud or fake installs.

Unfortunately, using these tools have some disadvantages. They get the information about attribution from MMP’s data, so basically you have at least three parties in the mix and even if a fraudulent behavior is detected, you have more bases to cover in the hopes of finding or proving the cause of the Ad Fraud. Also, these tools might be answering the “How to stop Ad Fraud?” question but they don’t add “now” to the solution and that’s where Interceptd evens the playing field against Ad Fraud.


Real-Time Mobile Fraud Prevention Solution: Interceptd

Every minute counts in big marketing campaigns and losses to Ad Fraud during a campaign can become a nightmare for the app quite easily due to wasted time, effort, and money. That is where the Ad Fraud detection tool with a genuine real-time protection tool comes in to protect your budget. Providing more information than regular tools and alarms for countering any type of known Ad Fraud, these extensive detection tools could give inclusive information about traffic, data points, behavioral analysis; and the most notable feature of it is to do it all for you automatically.

This real-time mobile fraud prevention solution we provide also removes the hassle of trial-and-error action to find out the Ad Fraud in your ad budget due to concrete pieces of evidence it provides. Another benefit to note here is that the fraud prevention tools Interceptd are offering remove the need for MMPs by directly getting data from their APIs for intensive research without you laying a finger on anything.

If you are curious about how effective real-time mobile fraud prevention solutions are in our fight against Ad Fraud, you can read our case study here.

Final Words
Before falling a victim to Ad Fraud, it is quite hard to visualize the fraud itself and the actions to take after its occurrence. Preventing the fraud also requires a trial and error approach if done without professional help, requiring to be sure. This takes time and is nowhere close to achieving a fraudless Ad Campaign in contrast to a real-time fraud prevention method. Interceptd takes care of all your fraud prevention needs without much hassle and ensures you have a breeze in your advertisement campaign with its sector-hardened experience against Ad Fraud.

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