Mobile Ad Fraud 2021 Predictions

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Fraud in mobile ads is a big problem nowadays. It always creates difficulties in mobile advertising. Ad fraud challenges face many issues to resolve or give complete security. By the use of ad fraud protection tools, it will reduce the chances of scammers. 

Ad Fraud 2020 Review

Mobile ad fraud is a widespread challenge that can show in different forms with diverse methods. In 2020, the Google Play Store had faced many ad fraud challenges. In February 2020, the apps, primarily children’s games and camera utilities, were stealing data and sign victims up for the expensive premium services. Ad fraud in mobile advertising has a protentional to harm the users badly. In March, the Google Play Store also removed about fifty Android apps. April, about 29 apps were searched to be removed. In many cases, one cannot remove the ad or try to close it down; the reason is that it is also removed from the other smartphone screen.  

Current and Future Ad Fraud

According to analysts’ prediction, in this year, 2021, the ad fraud in mobile advertising is that some click ad fraud and many frauds are not adequately controlled. But, in the future, like 2022 to 2024, it will be better than the current situation. It is not finalized and very difficult to predict and assume that what will happen in the next coming years, even in the next month. It is expected that in the coming years, 2023 and 2024, there will be many adaptations in the mobile speed and will entirely control the fraud. In the future, maybe there will face maximum ad fraud challenges, and to detect ad fraud detection is an entire competition but will be under control. 

2021 and Financial Forecasts

According to the financial forecasts, there is an increase in the ad fraud problem, and the scammer rate also enhances. In the ad fraud detection tool, it is considered that there is an increase or unbalance rate in price and amount due to scammers. There is an effect on the financial credibility due to unbalance in the rate. To reduce the scammer rate in the ad fraud mobile advertising, the forecast says that to overcome the risk and provide complete security. There is a need to use the currency to create financial unbalance. In 2021 the new technology come as well as a new scammer, and ad fraud was also generated. 

iOS 14 IDFA Change

IDFA is a unique identifier for mobile devices that target and calculate the advertisement efficiency at the consumer level. The change in the iOS14 is a very critical challenge going on this year. iOS14 changes are the key to measuring the accuracy between minimizing mobile ad fraud and reducing the scammer’s work. These changes will make the measuring data more data accurate while protecting the users’ privacy and security. 


There are the following tips you can get to maximize the iOS 14 changes in the ad fraud detection tools.

  • Adjust the recently launched new SDK to support all iOS 14 privacy features to minimize the ad fraud problem.
  • To reduce the click fraud and ad fraud in mobile advertising, try to secure the iOS feature from app tracking transparency to SKAd Network. 
  • Allow the app developers to test out the different options and reasons to determine the best way to handle the transition. 

Final Words

Mobile ad fraud in mobile advertising is always creating many complex security issues for the users. It always reduces the usage and utilization of the mobile app. Using all the above predictions and features, you can reduce scammers and protect your mobile ad from fraud. By preventing fraud in real-time with Interceptd, you can avoid illegal practices from your advertisement budget and increase your campaign’s return. Ask now for a demo!

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