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While influencer marketing is set to become an $8 billion industry this year, it is still one of the most unbridled and nontransparent sections of the marketing funnel. However, it is not just the market size and ad spending that indicates the efficacy of this market, as it also yields positive ROI and engagement rates. For every dollar spent on influencer marketing, the ROI is $5.21

Whilst a clear marketing method, the unchecked and nontransparent nature of influencer marketing negatively deters consumers. Trust, credibility, and authenticity are cited as important factors that influence consumer’s unfollowing of influencers. Additionally, these same issues affect ad spending. Here are some eye-opening stats:


That’s why we built Influencer Analytics enabling marketers to have full control of their influencer campaigns. Plus, to make it accessible to every marketer, we offer it within a very affordable range.


Create Data-Driven Influencer Campaigns Meet Influencer Analytics - Gain control of your influencer campaigns

Our new Influencer Analytics platform assists advertisers in a three-phased approach:

  1. Pre-Campaign Influencer Evaluation: Evaluate your influencers’ audience and engagement quality, looking at factors such as potential fake engagement and followers. Also, calculate their potential reach and authentic engagement. 
  2. Campaign Tracking and Performance Measurement: Track influencer-specific links that you generated, as well as your campaign posts. Measure influencer campaign’s performance including swipe-up, view, and engagement metrics. 
  3. Live Campaign Fraud Monitoring: Gain control of your influencer campaigns through monitoring suspicious activity like fake clicks and engagement, traffic quality and country distribution.

With our new product, you can improve your campaigns by accessing essential data, viewing audience quality, and selecting the right influencers with confidence. This way you can benchmark performances and explore the best influencers to invest in. Influencer Analytics also monitors your campaigns in real-time by detecting any suspicious activity that might occur while your campaigns are running. Therefore, you can observe the health score of your campaign and breakdown any suspicious clicks and engagements by influencers. 

Meet Influencer Analytics - Gain control of your influencer campaigns


How do you use Influencer Analytics?

Imagine you have a crowded list of influencers but want to make a data-driven decision before investing in any influencer.

  • Add your influencers to our dashboard and get access to the essential metrics.
  • Review metrics like audience and engagement quality, estimated reach and engagement rate and a benchmark to find the best ones.
  • Create your campaign with selected influencers.
  • Influencer Analytics will start tracking your campaign posts/links and measure your campaign performance while monitoring any suspicious activity.
  • Get granular reporting viewing each influencer’s performance.

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