Is Your Mobile App Ready for Valentine’s Day 2022

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Red velvety ribbons, heart-shaped chocolates, and the warmth of a significant other. The mellow scent of Valentine’s Day is in the air, and no mask will stop the crowds from celebrating this important day of the year. Demand will hugely rise for many sectors, and this shift will require your mobile application to accommodate to have a piece from the love pie.

Embracing Valentine’s Day Mood

No mistake here would have come close to this one, so it is noted first: Do not skip the enormous marketing opportunity provided by Valentine’s Day! The statistics provided here show that in 2022, the spending will reach an eminence of $23.9B solely that month. Another thing to note here is the high participation suddenly rising over 50% among male and female audiences; another guarantee that your marketing campaign will succeed.


Brand Partnership and Collaboration

Bearing that info in mind, companies should not exempt themselves from using lovely-dovely cosmetic changes in their mobile apps and marketing campaigns. Lighting candles for the mood of consumers will increase appetite for your product too. And since everyone will be looking for marketing opportunities, a joint marketing campaign with a “beloved” company for your mobile app will have a much higher magnitude in the market.


Other marketing strategies will work wonders under the influence of this season. Thematic product placement or influencer-based tactics such as special promotions and sales will contribute exponentially to your mobile app’s marketing campaign.


Push Notifications and Personalized E-Mails

Love always becomes in the air during Valentine’s Day season, even overflowing, we might say. With a lot of stimulation about buying a gift for their significant other, the consumers might be one personalized e-mail and a push notification away from getting into engagements. The annoyance factor of these will change this season to mouth-watering appetizers for your crowd.


Last-Minute Sales and Guided Marketing

Modern ages forced us to adapt to a more hectic lifestyle, and people might have little to no knowledge about buying a gift for their loved ones or have forgotten to buy something altogether. Offering gift guides in the application enable profits from even the clueless buyer, and for the absent-minded, your application should keep up with many last-minute purchases.


Specializing Audience Targeting

Burying our heads in the Google Trends showed us that men tend to look for gifts later than females as females look for gifts starting from a month ago. With that information, a targeted marketing campaign according to customer behavior might bear results if your mobile app is suitable. Of course, this was an example, and many creative ways can be invented from those inclinations.


Another selling point for your mobile app would be offering bundles. Instead of selling just one product in the app, you can provide two-for-one packages that tingle your customers’ liking. Besides bundles, prizes only claimable in-app might create new users from those couples. Socializing with your target audience and indulging them to create something on their own via social media campaigns will also net you good benefits this season.


As with every year, companies will get into an advertisement race before this day. To compete with your rivals, considerable investments will be made in comprehensive marketing campaigns. What is forgotten here is that all that bliss and marketing craze can make your bigger-than-normal ad budget susceptible to fraud.


In this heavy advertisement season, it is expected that many new companies are expected to start their marketing journey to catch the wave. And not knowing where to trust is a big problem. These are why mobile ad fraud susceptibility is also rising in heavy marketing seasons.


Retrospect & Conclusion
To sum up;
*Embrace the spirit, traditions sell, and they sell good,
*Decorate appropriately, eye-candy increases appetite,
*Know the audience and aim accordingly,
*Remind and reach via e-mail and push notifications,
*Gear-up to meet demand, lend a hand to customers,
*Collaborations to combine strength and influencers,
*Do not be afraid to spice things up with new ideas.


And finally, be mindful that fraudsters shadow this beautiful app advertisement opportunity, so check your advertisers beforehand and be mindful about what is going on in your ad campaigns. Last year, many companies we were working with had more time to focus on marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day free of fraud concerns thanks to Interceptd’s technologies. In 2022, we hope to continue sharing the spirit of love with you and cherish the fraudless days regarding your mobile advertisement campaigns.

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