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Explore the ingenious defense to protect your mobile marketing budget by ensuring you are acquiring real mobile app users.
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 Learn why Adjust is not enough

False-negatives are in favor of an MMP’s business model. If an MMP has an anti-fraud detection system, it should be included in its core attribution service. Otherwise, there is a conflict of interest. We are an independent auditor dedicated to intercepting fraud attempts handling thousands of impressions per second each of which helps the platform learn and become more efficient. Learn why customers prefer Interceptd as a fraud protection & detection tool.

MMP Comparison

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more fraudulent in-app events blocked by Interceptd

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more fraudulent installs blocked by Interceptd


Protect your marketing budget & data

Interceptd offers 20+ custom fraud detection alarms to identify fraudulent activity prior to the click reaching the Google Play or App Store. 


Boost ROAS by eliminating fraudulent traffic sources

Automated sub-publisher blacklisting based on fraud detection alarms; helps users to customize and optimize campaigns based on their performance KPIs by blocking sources based on conversion rates.


Set & customize block rules for each campaign

Interceptd allows each fraud type to continue being used as an alarm, or it can actively block publishers. 


Auto-notify supply partners with strong pieces of evidence

Publishers gain access to view campaign-level rejected installs and fraud reports. The Interceptd Revenue Report makes communicating campaign summaries with your supply partners easy.


Observe your ROAS & Savings with transparent reporting

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) calculation and estimated saving analytics dashboard.


Track the impact of your influencer campaigns

Analyze influencer audience, engagement, URLs and posts in-depth before and during an Instagram influencer campaign. 

You lose $1 out of every $3 to ad fraud.

Make your investment more efficient by ensuring you are getting real users. Schedule a free consultancy now and learn what Interceptd can do for you.

Interceptd Case Studies

E-Commerce App | Case Study

We saved $600K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 9 months.

Discover how an e-commerce app maximized ROAS by eliminating fraud and increasing the quality and quantity of target users with Interceptd.

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Retail Coupon App | Case Study

We saved $130K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.

Find out how we helped a retail coupon app to explore the cause of a decrease in organic installs, and to optimize event conversions originating from inventory sources.

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Social Network App | Case Study

Saved $32K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.

Discover how a social networking app decreased event costs by initiating real-time blacklisting of click-spamming sources.

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How Interceptd Compares to Adjust

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