Interceptd Product Updates in Jan 2020

Interceptd Mobile Ad Fraud Protection Product Updates
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This month, we are gearing up for some big mobile ad fraud protection changes to come, so stay tuned. However, like the good little engine that could, we kept on chugging along. Thus, we present to you our humble product updates for January 2020. 

Here is our legend:

ⓔ = Easy. This update was done to promote ease of use and ease of experience for our mobile ad fraud prevention tool. 

ⓘ = Information. This update enhances either the analytics or information given. For example, information might be more granular, more detailed, or there might be other metrics included. 

ⓑ = Business goals. This update helps you achieve your business goals and is not necessarily related to ad fraud. Whether it be a more easily calculated ROAS, multi-team view, and so on.

ⓜ = Marketing and advertising. This update was created specifically to help marketers and advertisers in their daily jobs. Perhaps this update is not directly related to our ad fraud tool. However, we designed this update to make the professional lives of customers (marketers and advertisers) easier and better. 


New Event Analytics Funnel UI ⓜ

Interceptd Mobile Ad Fraud Protection Product Updates
A screenshot, taken from Interceptd’s mobile ad fraud protection dashboard. This shows the new UI of our events analytics funnel.

Our mobile ad fraud protection shouldn’t just be functional, but it should be stylish and easy to use as well. That’s why our UI and UX masters got to work, to make our event funnel visiaulization an even more seamless and sleek extension of your marketing and advertising life. Now you can easily track all of your CPA events, and non-CPA events in one easy funnel. See how many registrations are converting, how many in-app purchases were bought across your different apps, or how many of your users reached level 10 this week.

Decide on the events you want to track along-side your mobile ad fraud protection goals, and then get tracking with our new event analytics funnel. 


Partner’s Benefit Too

Jan 2020 Interceptd product updates Mobile ad fraud protection
In the top right corner, of our Interceptd mobile ad fraud protection dashboard, is the customer’s estimated savings, updated in real-time. Let’s be honest, from the plethora of accurate metrics, ROAS and reports we offer, this is the one figure our customers care most about.

If you’re a partner, we haven’t forgotten about you too. Here at Interceptd, we want an excellent mobile ad fraud protection UX for both our customers and their partners. It is our ethos to help clean up the entire marketing and advertising ecosystem, and we think giving our customers’ partners access to crucial ad fraud reports, analysis and information, found on our dash-board is the way to go. Often partners will go on to implement that knowledge to improve their channels for the benefit of our customers, and the entire ad-network. 

So, what have we done this month, to improve the quality of experience for our customers’ partner’s dashboard use? Now, partners can see live and in real-time the deduction amount of their customers. This is important, as we believe transparency is the key to creating a clean and healthy advertising ecosystem. So, just as much as we want our customers to have access to the best and most accurate information to calculate their ROAS, we want partners to be in-the-loop of all the critical mobile ad fraud protection happenings as well. 


Stay Tuned for More Mobile Ad Fraud Protection Updates

We have a lot of exciting product offerings to come. Our developers, data scientists, UX and UI experts and family of product team members are hard at work, crafting the cleanest advertising and marketing experience for all of our current and future customers. If you’d like to see the history of our previous mobile ad fraud product updates you can check out the following blogs:

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