Influencer Analytics & Fraud Prevention

Measure, Monitor and Protect Your Influencer Campaigns

Detect fake followers and engagement with advanced fraud detection and measure your influencer campaign performances while monitoring fraudulent activities during campaigns.

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A Holistic Quality Control Tool For Influencer Campaigns

Advanced Fraud Detection

Analyze audience and engagement quality before you start your campaigns and monitor any fraudulent activity while your campaigns are live with our cutting-edge fraud detection algorithms.

Brand Safety

Protect your brand's reputation by using our brand safety feature which allows you to detect keywords used and competitors mentioned by your influencers.

Easy, Secure Link Generation

Easily generate secure links to be used in your influencer campaigns to observe their performance, monitor fraudulent clicks and still track traffic sources in your own BI tool while using the secure URLs.

Campaign Performance Measurement

Measure the reach, engagement and click performance of influencer campaigns, benchmark the results and explore the best influencers to invest.

Why Interceptd Influencer Analytics is different?

Evaluate Influencers Based On
Audience Quality and Performance

Automate your fraud detection system rather than developing manual techniques to spot fake followers and engagement, evaluate your influencers’ past performances and allocate your ad budget to best influencers for greater results and transparency.

Measure Influencer Campaign Performance

Measure the reach, engagement and click performance of different influencer campaigns and benchmark the results while still tracking your users’ behaviour in your own BI tool.

Monitor Suspicious Engagement and Clicks During An Influencer Campaign

Go beyond spotting fraudulent follower and engagement and use our fraud analytics feature to monitor any suspicious activity occurs while your influencer campaigns are running.

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Optimize performance and detect fake engagements via monitoring your influencer campaigns.

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