Importance of Ad Fraud Prevention

fraud prevention
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Ad fraud is the practice of deliberately displaying ads that are not visible to a real person. In most cases, ad fraud is created by bots – software designed to perform repetitive tasks on the Internet automatically. However, not all bots are false. For instance, search engines use bots to inspect millions of apps and pages every day to understand their content. They use this data to perform searches better.

Detecting Ad Fraud

The issue with ad fraud, in general, is that you cannot ignore its influence. If damage is done, you need to recognize the workaround and its malfunctioning. The only effective way to combat ad fraud is to prevent even the slightest chance of it happening. Some authentic sources use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to help you systematically detect, control, and combat mobile ad fraud. All channels, platforms, partners, ad networks, affiliates, etc., are prone to mobile ad fraud. As such, it is prudent to partner with the right source who acknowledges the existence of the fraud and communicates their plan to combat it.

prevention fraudHow to Detect Ad Fraud

Mobile ad fraud is a complex playground filled with intruders, corrupted data, and ignorant actors innocently sliding down a fake slippery trap. However, simple awareness and understanding of this complex and evolving world will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. Have fun exploring your data (MMP data, application data, business intelligence data). Learn about unfamiliar metrics such as CTIT, Google Store click-throughs, and app version. Ask your sources: What’s your plan to prevent mobile ad fraud? Black and white list sources and publications that you trust and which you know are fraudulent. Most importantly, work with trusted sources and partners.

Benefits of Fraud Prevention

Any business or company that invests in digital marketing campaigns should be aware of the impact of ad fraud on their operations and take steps to mitigate its impact. Companies that are entirely dependent on businesses and external parties to distribute and produce their digital marketing are more likely to fall into the trap of ad fraud, especially without proper auditing.
While some companies can fully manage their digital marketing internally, many companies have to use third-party agencies in one way or another to distribute their digital marketing. Check these partners ahead of time to make sure they are legal. Most of the major online advertisers are going public and will take action to prevent their platforms from being used for ad fraud. However, scammers are becoming more sophisticated and always find new innovative ways to undermine existing measures.

Final Word

Ad fraud is a serious problem affecting advertisers across all industries, and it doesn’t look like it will go away anytime soon. Thus, you simply cannot afford to ignore the problem. The question is not whether you have suffered from ad fraud. It all depends on how badly you have been influenced by ad fraud. This is why it is so important to invest in ad fraud prevention. Hopefully, this problem is being actively addressed, and there are many solutions that limit the influence of scammers and prevent them from harming publishers and advertisers.

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