How to Restrain Seasonal Ad Fraud During the Holiday Season?

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Brands invest significant time and money in advertising to capitalize on consumer spending on different holidays, from cultural and religious events like Christmas, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, etc., to important shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentines Day, etc.

This year, consumer behavior has been affected by COVID-19. Therefore, these seasonal surges are more crucial than ever because of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Here are the impacts of ad fraud during the holiday season and how to prevent ad fraud during these times.

  • Impacts of Ad Fraud During Holiday Season

The impacts of ad fraud can be painful, especially during the holiday season, because companies put a significant effort and money into marketing activities.

  1. Wasted Ad Spend

Fraudsters prevent reaching the potential users of marketers’ budget, and they capture your budget. Fraudsters are not choosy when it comes to who to scam. All industries are vulnerable to ad fraud activities. One example is when marketers see a significant amount of clicks on their ad, but the conversion rates due to activities as a result of click spamming.

  1. Missed Targets

The main reason marketers spend on ads is to convert to real customers, consumer spending money, etc. Unfortunately, suppose you spend money on a fraudulent activity that won’t get conversions, you will lose sales or other conversion parameters, leading to missed leads and sales targets the business set.

  1. Biased Analytics

When the data available, especially significant data available, it is easier to make analysis and decisions. However, ad frauds ruin the purity and reliability of your data. Moreover, because of ad fraud activities, you can think the ad is not performing well and rethink your campaign, even if the campaigns might have well been on point all along.

  • How to Prevent Ad Fraud During the Holiday Season?

Marketers need to protect their ad campaigns. The presence of ad fraud will increase holiday season campaigns upward. When you protect your ads from frauds, you will see your holiday season campaigns will perform upward.

  1. Rely on Trusted Partners

It is necessary to evaluate your partners to make sure they can reliably serve during your holiday time ad campaigns. You should ensure that your partner detects fraudulent activity.

  1. Utilize an Anti-Fraud Solution

Manual analysis and monitoring of your ad campaign can be time-consuming and costly. You can detect ad fraud in real-time with Interceptd.

  1. Don’t Be Drawn into Cheap Deals

Often, cheap ad traffic deals correspond with prevalent ad fraud. You should be aware of cheap tricks, often backfire.

Companies put a significant effort into marketing, especially in the holiday season. To minimalize ad spent wasting, target missing and incorrect data, you need to prevent ad fraud during the holiday season. To learn more about how to avoid fraud, you can read “4 Trustworthy Tips for Advertisers to Avoid Ad Fraud”.



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