Retail Coupon App | Case Study

Saved $130K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.


A Retail Coupon App wanted to determine the cause of a decrease in new organic users, and to optimize event conversions originating from inventory sources.


  • Assure correct measurement of all channels accurately and transparently to protect our customer’s marketing data
  • Identify the sources stealing attribution from already- converted organic users
  • Identify why a huge number of events are coming from such a small amount of installs


  • Initiated real-time blacklisting of click-spamming sources to prevent any increases in organic cannibalization problems
  • Arranged meetings with ad networks to constructively identify fraudulent suppliers
  • Developed a transparent “partner dashboard” to provide  ad networks with real-time feedback about their suppliers



0 K+

Savings on their ad spend, which the customer redirected to more efficient ad sources, increasing the quality of users.

Cost of Event Purchase (CPA)

0 %

Average 30.9% decrease in the cost of each purchase event.

Clean Installs

0 %

Clean Installs increased from 68% to 91% in just 4 weeks.

You lose $1 out of every $3 to ad fraud.

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Causes of Install Blocks (%)

Causes of Event Blocks (%)