GIVT & SIVT Detection

GIVT and SIVT analytics and ad fraud prevention and detection
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Programmatic ads on mobile, as automated advertising methods of buying and selling, are becoming favored solutions due to the vast reach and variety of targeting options that they provide. With its increasing popularity, on the other hand, programmatic mobile advertising has also become a desirable target for fraudsters, who are looking to take advantage of this trend (see our case study of fraud in programmatic mobile advertising).

With our recent update, Interceptd now track programmatic ads with a bunch of other supportive features. 

You can now integrate Interceptd with your DSP, track your CPM campaigns and detect mobile ad fraud at the impression level. Our impression alarms will detect GIVT and SIVT for your programmatic campaigns in addition to regular Interceptd alarms and protect your marketing data. Interceptd’s recent update also includes functionality of View-Through Attribution (VTA), allowing advertisers to attribute installs to impressions. The performance of your creatives will be tracked via specific impression URLs enabling you to explore which creatives drive better results. 

GIVT and SIVT analytics

How it Works?

With a simple set up, your CPM campaigns will be more transparent than ever before.

  • Share your impression URLs to be wrapped to track multiple DSP and ad network performances
  • Flag impressions and block publishers via Interceptd alarms
  • Run A/B tests for your creatives and benchmark their CTR results
  • Optimize your campaigns automatically in multiple DSPs and ad networks

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