Free App Fraud Health Assessment Released to Detect Ad Fraud

Interceptd Release Free App Fraud Health Assessment to Detect Ad Fraud
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64% of marketers said they’re “not familiar” with ad fraud – from which half of these respondents (49%) identified as having 10+ years of digital marketing experience. These results were a part of a recent study by TribeOS and Fuse Insights. As alarming as it is, that 2/3 of marketers are not aware of what is mobile ad fraud, although it is an estimated problem costing marketers globally $5.8 Billion in 2019, these figures are congruent with our industry experiences. Thus, we have released our App Fraud Health Assessment available publicly for free, to raise awareness. Previously, this was a feature within our paid ad fraud solution service. 


For those of you unfamiliar with our App Fraud Health Assessment, the main purpose is to help beginners understand exactly what is mobile ad fraud, and how their app is being affected by mobile ad fraud. After signing up, users can complete a quick survey that will determine one’s App Fraud Health. The more accurately the survey is answered, the more specific and accurate one’s mobile ad fraud insights will be. The following is examples of questions included in the App Fraud Health Assessment: 

  • Which attribution tool your app uses
  • Does your app accept incentivized traffic
  • The ad fraud solution your app uses


After survey completion, users will have access to insights such as their specific category data, such as the percentage of fraudulent mobile ad traffic and clean traffic and the different types of ad fraud and one’s fraud risk, CPI and redirection average. If one is still wondering exactly what is ad fraud after completing the App Fraud Health Assessment, the best way to answer that query is to book a free consultation. 


These results come in excellent timing when the awareness of mobile ad fraud is increasing, however, it still has a long way to go. Although awareness is still an issue, understanding and the depth of knowledge of ad fraud in the industry still requires advancement. According to the same aforementioned report, 6/10 of marketers believed that their campaigns were not affected by mobile ad fraud. We hope that our App Fraud Health Assessment will not only raise awareness as to what exactly is mobile ad fraud, but also the different kinds of ad fraud and how it is affecting apps and mobile ad campaigns. 

If you are wondering about mobile ad fraud or your app’s mobile ad performance or fraud health, you can book a free consultation.


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