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What is mobile ad fraud? A Step-by-step guide.
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It has been a big month for this mobile ad fraud solution SaaS company. We have conducted customer interviews, found new areas to tweak, and perfected, perfected, perfected! The result of this month’s hard work is a lot of product updates designed to make your mobile ad fraud prevention experience smoother, easier, and more effective. Plus, we have a couple of other bonus extras to help marketers, advertisers, and other professionals excel at their jobs, outside of mobile ad fraud. Let’s get into it!

Here is our legend:

ⓔ = Easy. This update was done to promote ease of use and ease of experience for our mobile ad fraud prevention tool. 

ⓘ = Information. This update enhances either the analytics or information given. For example, information might be more granular, more detailed, or there might be other metrics included. 

ⓑ = Business goals. This update helps you achieve your business goals and is not necessarily related to ad fraud. Whether it be a more easily calculated ROAS, multi-team view, and so on.

ⓜ = Marketing and advertising. This update was created specifically to help marketers and advertisers in their daily jobs. Perhaps this update is not directly related to our ad fraud tool. However, we designed this update to make the professional lives of customers (marketers and advertisers) easier and better. 


Summary Report ⓘ ⓜ

Benefit: Customers can now generate more granular and detailed reports on metrics such as effective ROI, ROAS, and estimated savings. 

What is mobile ad fraud? A Step-by-step guide.
An example of a report, now available in the Interceptd dashboard.


The most important point here is that with Interceptd, you can be confident in your data. Why? We give you access to your effective ROI and effective campaign performance. Data that is not affected by fraud — clean data. With MMPs (mobile measurement partners) or other mobile ad fraud prevention tools, data will not be accurate (or as accurate). Therefore your business goals and KPIs will be compromised.

We have gone one step further. As always, you have access to granular data such as effective ROAS, effective ROI, estimated savings and campaign performance. However, now this information can be further filtered, segmented and easily accessed according to your needs. For example, this information can be calculated according to: 

  • A specific time period
  • Cohort revenue
  • A specific source
  • A specific ad network
  • A specific sub-publisher

The intention is to empower our customers with ease of access to easily malleable and accurate data. We know this level of granularity and segmentation is going to be important for our marketers and advertisers in 2020, so we wanted our customers to have easy access to such tools and information. 


Campaign Create flow ⓔ

Benefit: Now, creating campaigns is easier, saving you time and effort. 

Now creating campaigns in our Interceptd dashboard has had a user experience upgrade, enhancing ease of use. Multiple sources and tracking URLs can now be added at once, saving time.


Multi-Currency ⓔ ⓑ

Benefit: Important metrics such as ROAS, estimated savings and ROI are now available in different currencies, helping to easily track important KPIs.

Many companies often calculate their spend and revenue in different currencies. Now, this is easier to track in Interceptd’s dashboard. We now have multiple different currencies that can be selected for various metrics (such as spend, estimated savings, ROI and ROAS). The intention is to remove one step from our marketers’ daily professional lives.


Team Structure ⓔ ⓑ

Benefit: Now, anyone in the team can benefit from our mobile ad fraud prevention tool. 

Follow these above steps to add teams members to your Interceptd account. 

They say too many cooks spoil the broth; however, we believe in ‘the more, the merrier.’ Why? Mobile ad fraud is new. There is an adaptation process in terms of mobile ad fraud awareness and understanding, as well as getting to know our own mobile ad fraud prevention dashboard. For this purpose, we think it is valuable for multiple team members to have access to our dashboard. Whether it be product managers flexing skills and knowledge with fraud-free event analytics & funnels, finance officers verifying marketing spend, or advertising managers gaining greater insight into campaigns, our dashboard has ample usefulness for everyone. 


Impressions ⓘ ⓑ ⓜ

Benefit: You can now track your impression campaigns, direct from our dashboard. 

We can now track impressions for DSPs. Why is this important? Here are some benefits: 

  • You no longer need to pivot between multiple dashboards and tools to track campaign performance and mobile ad fraud – we’ve got you covered! 
  • You can understand the creative performance of your various creatives, copy, and campaigns. Then tweak and scale-up (or scale-down) accordingly. 
  • Create programmatic white and blacklists to further optimize your campaigns. 


Events Sankey ⓘ ⓜ

Benefit: Double the amount of Sankey graphs available. For those who love them!

We had a Sankey graph for tracking the flow of installs and for tracking install fraud. This feature was quite popular amongst many customers; thus, we have expanded our Sankey offerings. Now there is a Sankey graph to measure and visualize fraudulent event and their reasons (different mobile ad fraud types) in all types of campaigns. 

Everything you loved about Sankey graphs, now with double the potential usage!

It has been a big month for us. However, growth and development do not stop here. As marketers and advertisers’ needs change, so will our dashboard to accommodate those needs. As ad fraud evolves and increases in sophistication, so too will our algorithms, machine learning, and mobile ad fraud alarms. So, stay put, because the future will be filled with more Interceptd mobile ad fraud developments to come!

If you’d like to learn more about mobile ad fraud, we have numerous resources to support you and your specific needs. 

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