5 Tips Measuring Your Mobile ROI

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Making the right decisions by measuring the mobile ROI is extremely important for both app marketers and publishers. You can solve your mobile ad fraud problems and activate your mobile fraud prevention apps with the 5 tips mentioned below.

  • Understand Your Costs & Revenues

We aim to achieve maximum returns by taking into account all fees and expenses. This is very important for determining your return on investment. It is also important to know your income streams exactly. Understanding costs and revenues are high in measuring your mobile ROI.

Apps are generally free. In-app purchases (IAPs) allow your mobile app users to purchase virtual or real-world items within your app. In contrast, in-app advertising (IAA) serves to generate revenue from non-IAP users. It creates a steady income thanks to subscriptions. For some apps, a pre-fee is required to download and use the app.

You can generate more revenue by targeting high-value markets and users.

  • Recognize the Risk with Your Data

If there is an inaccuracy in the data in the ROI metric, you should accept the problem and try to understand it. One of the biggest dangers in mobile marketing is that marketers and publishers do not realize an error in the data. Because wrong decisions can be made due to fraud or incorrect attribution, you can get help from Interceptd to prevent fraud.

Data accuracy is essential. For anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions, “Trash, throw garbage” is an adage: if your input is wrong or flawed, your output will suffer as a result. The enduring results can completely derail all marketing efforts and your app’s performance, and your ability to make wise, informed decisions. Recognizing flaws and errors in your data enables you to make the right decisions. Making the right decisions will reduce your marketing expenses and increase your return on investment.

Mobile Metering Partners (MMPs) have the ability to integrate with most of the various marketing platforms, thereby helping in assigning each upload made to its source. An MMP can ensure your data accuracy.

  • Strive for Data Standardization

It cannot be easy to measure mobile ROI due to the input and variable range that creates the data because they come from different cost sources. Each network has different metrics associated with costs. There may also be differences in reporting methods as it comes from different sources. These differences lead to fragmented cost data.

The role of data standardization is vital here. App marketers and publishers need consistency in the analysis of data from ad networks.

  • Analyze Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

One of the most important factors in measuring any app’s revenue is to measure the Customer Lifetime Value accurately. CLV is the expected estimated revenue that the user will contribute throughout their relationship with your app. Customer Lifetime Value can be calculated by adding up the total purchases made by a user in the app. This account can also be accessed by dividing the total sales by the app’s total number of users. An estimated CLV for mobile apps is important for measuring mobile app ROI.

  • Make the Metrics Actionable

It should proceed following a plan with the metrics set to measure performance. Thus, various optimizations can be made regularly by measuring the results of the applied metrics. To get the best result in measuring multiple metrics, you must combine all results and decide accordingly. You can analyze metrics by doing A / B testing.

With these 5 tips, which are an ad fraud guide, you can identify ad fraud detection tools’ focus points. Interceptd specializes in mobile ad fraud detection. It can help you with mobile fraud prevention solutions.


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