5 Metrics for Analyzing App Campaigns Using Marketing Analytics

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App marketers rely on their data to find ways to optimize their performance. However, understanding your marketing data can be confusing. If you don’t know how to interpret and differentiate data, the data may lose its inherent value.


Managing each metric can be done via the marketing analytic reports to deconstruct the data leading to insights. Marketing analytic reports use the data to highlight which media channels attract users with the highest value, whom your app can monetize. We will examine 5 metrics in this article and how they play a key role in optimizing your app campaign.


  • Lifetime Value (LTV)

A lifetime value report offers marketers data about all events performed in the app since installing the app. Especially in a freemium model, the LTV report provides vital information about users’ real value, whether engagement or revenue-related. It covers a variety of metrics that measure post-install behavior. Therefore, it will help you compare users’ quality from different channels, media sources, campaigns and optimize accordingly.


  • Cost per Acquisition

Cost per acquisition will tell you how much you spent to acquire each user. It is a critical metric because it enables you to calculate ROI and identify the most cost-effective way to acquire new users. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of a campaign by how many users were acquired due to that specific campaign.


  • Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

The average revenue per user is a metric that tells you the average revenue generated for every user acquired. It can be used to estimate whether you are on track to hit your revenue targets. Also, ARPU is an essential component of LTV calculations.


  • Retention Rate

Having a user download and install is just the first step. However, the real work is still ahead of this step. Retention is ensuring that a user actively engages with your app after it is installed. Ensuring loyalty is a major challenge because there are millions of other apps to compare with. Therefore, the retention rate will give you insights into how different channels perform over time and the overall retention rate. These insights help you understand which media sources deliver users with a high retention rate and optimize app campaigns accordingly.


  • Activity Report

Activity reports measure active app users’ events within a given time regardless of their install date. They can help to measure the effectiveness of a channel within a specific time frame. Activity reports can help analyze performance around a specific time frame, such as Black Friday or the holiday season. They highlight important trends, and then you can optimize your app campaigns using these trends.


To sum up, you need to analyze these metrics to optimize your app campaign carefully. However, if you have an ad fraud problem, these metrics will mislead you. Before relying on these data, you need to ensure your ads are free from fraudulent activity. You can do this by using a mobile ad fraud detection like Interceptd. You can prevent ad fraud in real-time with Interceptd. Request a Demo now!


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