4 Easy Ways Interceptd Optimises Your Ad Campaigns

How Interceptd Can Optimise Your Ad Campaigns
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Vegemite – dark, salty, fudgy, spreadable and most importantly, it is delicious. This salty paste is actually a byproduct of the manufacturing of beer from leftover brewers yeast. Just like Vegemite is a delicious by-product, as is the ad campaign optimization features and potential benefits of our ad fraud solution. It isn’t too surprising that a tool, that focuses on acquiring only genuine users and blocking fraudulent installs, also optimizes ad campaigns as a by-product. Here are the top four ways that Interceptd’s ad fraud prevention solution can optimize your ad campaigns. 

Block Low-Performing Sub-Publishers

Granularity like never before. These sub-publishers are so numerous, they often don’t have a name, and are referred to by an ID number. Nonetheless, in our dashboard, you can deep-dive into every single sub-publisher that has provided a click or install. From this, you can see which sub-publisher is providing a high volume of clean clicks, installs and in-app events to your ad campaign. We offer customers the ability to block sub-publishers that are providing too many fraudulent clicks, installs, and in-app events, however the added bonus (or byproduct) is these sub-publishers, can also be blocked if they are low performing. Therefore, you can use this tool to not only block fraudulent traffic, but optimize your ad campaigns by blocking low-performing sub-publishers. 

Estimated Saving – Updated in Real-Time

Wanting to know if your ad fraud solution services is costing less than the ad fraud it is preventing? This is an easy calculation as our customer’s “estimated savings” is always present and updated in real-time. Not only can you track the ROI on your ad fraud solution services, but also calculate the impact on your ROAS. Additionally, seeing the thousands of dollars you save on ad fraud certainly will brighten your day! 

Deduction Report

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in ad fraud protection and offer the only real-time fraud solution that prevents ad fraud before the install. However, not all ad fraud is preventable or detectable before the install. In these events, we offer a deduction report, which can be provided to the ad network to process a refund. There is nothing like getting a handsome refund back at the end of the month to boost your KPIs and ROAS. 

Daily Performance View – Track Events and More

Before, when you wanted to see how your app, ad campaigns or in-app actions are progressing and being optimized, you needed to open up your BI or MMP dashboard. Not anymore. We now have a daily performance view, where you can see the following actions:

4 Easy Ways Interceptd Optimises Your Ad Campaigns

Easily check and compare the performance of different apps, platforms or ad networks across a wide cross-section of events such as clicks, installs, and any in-app event you have configured. For example, you can track all of your clean first in-app purchases, all clean users who make it to level 10, every genuine user that links their account to their Facebook. There is a wealth of ad-fraud related and ad campaign optimization related information which you can track, compare and act upon. Having access to this wealth of information, in an easily digestible, constantly updated and visual form can illuminate anomalies and outliers, all of which can be used to optimize your ad campaigns, and increase your ROAS. 

4 Easy Ways Interceptd Optimises Your Ad Campaigns

Some might say that Vegemite is better, others say beer is the far superior taste. We say, enjoy both! As such, we are proud to not only have the leading ad fraud protection in this $5.8 billion ad fraud industry which is growing, but also numerous ad campaign optimization features and potential benefits. But, don’t take our word for it, test out our ad fraud protection and ad campaign optimization features yourself with our one-month free trial.


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