3 Things You Should Know Before Working With Influencers

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Thinking about jumping on the influencer bandwagon? But you have never worked with anyone who could promote your services and products on social media? Then you are reading the right blog post! Whether you are an agency or advertiser, we will uncover the secrets of influencer marketing business and help you grow your business by the means of social media. 

Before we start explaining our tips and tricks for working with the influencers, it is important to understand the benefits of influencer marketing for your business in our digital era. Today, businesses can obtain up to $18 in earned media value for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. What’s more, Google searches for the term “influencer marketing.” had a massive 325% increase last year. Influencer marketing spend is expected to hit up to $10 billion by 2020. Under these conditions, it’s also crucial to note that Instagram is companies’ first stop when it comes to influencer marketing, stemming from the fact that 24% of all promoted posts on social media in 2019 took place there. Then Facebook, Twitter and YouTube comes with 17% and Pinterest follows them with 12%.


Tip 1: Always Choose the Most Suitable Influencer 


Usually, advertisers start their influencer marketing strategies on the wrong foot by thinking that more followers mean more sales for their promoted product or service. Then they choose an influencer with millions of followers and pay more accordingly, expecting that they would get higher ROAS. However, in the real world things don’t work like that. You must find an influencer that matches perfectly with your brand. Thus, their followers are likely to be interested in what you are promoting. In this case, the numbers on social media are irrelevant if they don’t resonate with your target audience. Find an influencer that is already sharing posts related to your products. So, when you start collaborating, followers won’t be taken by surprise and engage better and longer with your promoted content.


Tip 2: Decide on the Type of Promoted Content After Choosing the Influencer

Now, you have your influencer who matches your buyer persona and ready to promote you on his/her social media. That’s a great start! But you also need to decide on what type of content the influencer will promote to attract your targeted audience. Will it be a colorful photo taken by a professional that represents your beautiful products, or would you like to spend more from your ad budget and have a short video depicting your services in their full glory? The choice is up to you, but bear in mind the branding of your content as well as the posting time and message. When you post the right content at the right time to the right audience, you will have the maximum ROI from your influencer marketing campaigns.


Tip 3: Be Cautious About Influencer Fraud


As with other fields of marketing and advertising, influencer marketing is also under attack of the vicious fraudsters who dare to take a cut from your marketing budget. According to Lisa Ross from Invesp: “50% of marketers named spotting fake followers as a chief challenge of influencer marketing and up to 24% of influencers have falsely manipulated their engagement numbers.” If you solely trust your eyes whilst choosing your influencer, you might end up losing a big chunk of your marketing budget to influencer fraud, whether it is an inflated number of comments, likes or followers. 

So, should you ditch this ever-growing industry that has incredible opportunities and instead trust in your usual ad campaigns? Well, you don’t have to! With an adequate and independent influencer fraud protection, you can safely start your influencer campaigns.


Influencer Analytics from Interceptd is a perfect solution for you when it comes to running campaigns without any fraudulent social media activity. It is extremely affordable and it can also track stories on Instagram in addition to posts, which is a rare feature that other tools in the market do not provide at all. Influencer Analytics can help you with:

  • Influencer Audience Quality Evaluation: Evaluate your influencers’ audience quality that detects suspicious followers and engagement
  • Click and Engagement Tracking: Measure click and engagement performances by using influencer-specific tracking links
  • Live Campaign Fraud Monitoring: Monitor suspicious activities, traffic quality and country distribution on your live campaigns

Now you are all set to start your eye-catching influencer campaigns on social media! Influencer industry will grow more and more whilst advertisers are earning higher from every dollar spent in the upcoming years, so it might be wiser to be a part of this sooner than later. With the right mindset and adequate protection tool, you can expect to reach your KPIs more steadily and to see a higher ROI either with the increased sales or brand awareness through your promoted posts.

Want to test out a demo of Influencer Analytics? Why don’t you sign up for free and discover how to protect & measure your influencer campaigns with Influencer Analytics.

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