Intercept mobile ad fraud.
Preserve your data.
Protect your ROAS.

Your ingenious defence against mobile ad fraud to let you identify the best channels to spend your money, shield and protect your marketing data, and increase the profitability of your app with better ROAS

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Interceptd is designed to simply identify best channels on a granular level and keep your user database free of corrupt fake install data.

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    Monitor your mobile ad campaigns and identify the best channels.

    Interceptd blocks offending fraudulent or low quality sources automatically to help you make the most out of your ad-budget with peace of mind. You can track all your sources based on their performance with clear post-install performance indicators.

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    Protect your marketing data.

    Stop allocating huge budgets to the wrong channels as a result of inaccurate and/or biased analyses of inadequate platforms. Interceptd provides you totally transparent and independent analyses so you can create your marketing strategy in the lights of accurate, real-time, and machine learning - backed data.

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    Increases your profitability with better ROAS.

    When you acquire new users from truly incremental sources with strict quality filters available on Interceptd, you get better return on your ad-spend. Better return combined with transparency helps you go further and grow faster.

Mobile ad and attribution fraud is the second biggest form of organized crime after gun smuggling, narcotic drug trade and human trafficking.

Interceptd is dedicated to growing with our customers, establishing standards with industry-wide partnerships and eliminating ad-fraud.


Handling thousands of impressions per second each of which helps it learn and become more continuously.


No conflict of interest about attribution fraud because it isn’t an attribution platform (MMP). It’s an independent auditor dedicated to intercepting fraud attempts.


Totally transparent about the sources, quantity and the methods used by fraudsters.

Start increasing profitability of your app with better ROAS.

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Learn more about Interceptd’s unique features.