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Interceptd’s real-time fraud prevention suite prevents your marketing budget from fraudulent spend & uplifts your advertising ROI.

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$50 billion by 2021

The IAB predicted that Ad Fraud will cost an estimated $50B to advertisers’ marketing budget by 2021.

An approximate of $1 out of every $3 is being lost to ad fraud currently.

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We are dedicated to helping our customers grow, establishing standards with industry-wide partnerships, and eliminating ad fraud.

Real-Time Solution

Interceptd delivers the widest selection of fraud alarms based on deterministic and probabilistic data analysis.

Offline Analysis

Evaluate your performance campaign’s ad fraud statistics by running a quick offline analysis.


Genuine Exposure

Interceptd checks if impression information is received from legitimate devices within correct targeted geo’s and platforms, making sure that your ads are exposed to real and correct users.


Legitimate Traffic

Interceptd ensures that only the clicks generated from real user devices can reach your attribution tool, preventing fraudulent install from happening before fraud happens.


Validated Conversion

Interceptd eliminates fake installs or installs that are mis-attributed by fraud; while validating them to be only received from the App Store and Play Store.


Real Engagement

Interceptd keeps monitoring in-app event conversions to confirm if the engagement data is received from real users.

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Healthy Scale

Interceptd combines machine-learning algorithms with customisable thresholds to determine and block publishing apps that are designed for fraud. Eliminating these sources, advertisers can scale on clean and healthy sources.

Programmatic Advertising | Case Study

How Fraudsters Take Advantage of Programmatic Mobile Advertising

How a prominent food delivery app used Interceptd and caught a well-known app to be fraudulently sending impressions and clicks to other famous e-commerce and betting apps over programmatic.

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Our Case Studies & Ebooks

E-Book | Case Study

We saved $155k+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 3 months.

Guide your mobile ad fraud strategy with our consultancy team and take a look at your campaign’s possible problems.

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E-Commerce App | Case Study

We saved $600K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 9 months.

Discover how an e-commerce app maximized ROAS by eliminating fraud and increasing the quality and quantity of target users with Interceptd.

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Retail Coupon App | Case Study

We saved $130K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.

Find out how we helped a retail coupon app to explore the cause of a decrease in organic installs, and to optimize event conversions originating from inventory sources.

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Social Network App | Case Study

Saved $32K+ ad budget from mobile ad fraud in 90 days.

Discover how a social networking app decreased event costs by initiating real-time blacklisting of click-spamming sources.

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‘App acquisition represents a significant part of our Media Buying activity. Almost a year ago, we have teamed up with Interceptd to prevent mobile ad fraud and protect our marketing budgets. Interceptd is not just a black box like other anti-fraud tools we previously have worked with. We value the human approach and regular calls with our account manager. Intercept is also tracking many more anti-fraud metrics than other tools which make discovering the various types of mobile ad fraud easier and more effective.’

Nikola Struharova

Display and Programmatic Manager - ENTAIN

We have been working with Interceptd for over a year now, and they have been one of the best fraud solution partners we have tried. They are very responsive, always on top of the curve when it comes to changes to the industry, and have saved our company on fraud at the end of each month. The team is always willing to lend a hand on any ad hoc reports we need, or just able to provide valuable insight on the mobile industry as a whole. We definitely appreciate the hard work and are looking forward to growing our partnership in the coming years.

Andrew Grillo

Senior Director Of Marketing - APALON

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